What Does And How! Mean?

And How Meaning

Definition: Used to signify enthusiasm or agreement with something someone has said or done.

The phrase and how! is used to show that one agrees emphatically with what someone else has said or done.

The origin of the phrase is unclear, and there is little information confirming whether it was first used in the mid-19th century or the early 20th century. It is said to be directly translated from the German “und wie!” and Italian “e come!” expressions which have the same meaning.

Origin of And How!

define and howThe etymology of this phrase is contested. Some claim that it was first recorded in 1865, while others claim that it was first used in 1924.

It is believed that the English phrase was essentially “borrowed” from German and Italian expressions “und wie!” and “e come!” respectively. These phrases have the same meaning in German and Italian as the English version.

Ways to Use And How!

meaning of and howThis phrase is an interjection in English, which means that it is used as an interruption or exclamation. It can also be used to answer questions or emphasize what the previous person has just said or done.

This phrase more likely to  be found in American and Australian English, rather then British or Canadian English.

Examples of And How!

This example exchange demonstrates how native speakers might use this phrase in everyday speech.

Pearl: Well, I hope you enjoyed the game.

Patrick: And how! That last goal was really exciting!


The English phrase and how! is used to signify one’s emphatic attitude toward or agreement with something someone else has said.