What Does Alpha and Omega Mean?

Alpha and Omega Meaning

Definition: The beginning and the end; the most important part or core idea of something.

The phrase alpha and omega refers to the beginning and end of something. It may also be used to refer the core idea or elements of something.

Origin of Alpha and Omega

i am the alpha and the omegaThe individual words alpha and omega come from the Greek alphabet. Alpha is the first letter, much like the English A; omega is the last letter, much like the English Z.

The book of Revelation in the Bible was perhaps the first to use alpha and omega. In this passage, the phrase refers to God. This phrase is used to illustrate that God is eternal; He was there at the beginning of time, and He will remain at the end of time.

Ways to Use Alpha and Omega

The first definition of alpha and omega has religious connotations in English. However, the second definition does not always refer to religious concepts.

For example, a news broadcaster might say that freedom of speech is the alpha and omega of American democracy. This means that freedom of speech is one of the fundamental elements of the American democracy.

Examples of Alpha and Omega

define alpha to omegaNative English speakers do not commonly use this phrase. However, when speakers do use this phrase, it often refers to romantic love. For example, in Richard’s wedding vows to Beulah, he might call her his alpha and omega, his beginning and his end.

This is used to emphasize the eternal love he has for his wife.

More Examples

  • China’s 87 million party members, Paulson says, “work first and foremost for the party,” which remains “the alpha and omega of political, economic and social life.” – NY Post


The English phrase alpha and omega may refer to the beginning and ending of something or to the most important part or key elements of something.