What Does Along the Lines Of Mean?

Along the Lines Of Meaning

Definition: Similar to something else.

The phrase along the lines of refers to something that is similar to or like something else. It is common to use this phrase when comparing or discussing two things.

Ways to Use Along the Lines Of

The phrase along the lines of usually draws a parallel between two things. For example, Mary might tell the seamstress who is sewing her wedding dress that she wants something along the lines of Vera Wang’s new gown. This means that she wants her wedding dress to resemble the Vera Wang gown in some way.

something along the lineThis phrase has a few different formulations in which it is used,

  • Along the lines of
  • Along the lines
  • Along the same lines
  • Along similar lines
  • On the lines of

All of these variations of the phrase carry identical meanings.

Examples of Along the Lines Of

Among the linesTo say that something should be done along the lines of something else is to say that it should be done in the same general manner as something else, or it should vaguely resemble something else.

This phrase does not imply that the two things should be identical, simply that they should be similar.

This sample conversation between two friends illustrates the correct use of this phrase.

Derek: Did you like Carrie’s newest painting in the gallery?

Millie: I thought it was good, but I was expecting something along the lines of Picasso. That’s her usual style.

More Examples

  • The still-to-be-announced non-profit is viewed as the official outside group aligned with Trump — along the lines of Organizing for Action, a non-profit advocacy group that Obama’s allies launched in early 2009 to push his agenda as president. – USA Today


The English phrase along the lines of is used to refer to something that is similar to something else in some way.