What Does All Systems Go Mean?

All Systems Go Meaning

Definition: An event or activity can now begin because everything is ready (all preliminary requirements have been fulfilled).

The idiom all systems go refers to something that can now begin because all preliminary requirements have been met. It is typically used to refer to events or activities but may be used to refer to people in some contexts.

When used in the context of people, it means that one’s condition has improved so that one is now able to do something one may not have been able to do before.

Origin of and Ways to Use All Systems Go

This idiom originated during the Space Race in the 1960s and was first used to refer to the systems that controlled the launching of rockets. All systems go meant that the systems for takeoff had been evaluated and approved, which meant the rocket was ready for liftoff.

The idiom is most commonly used to refer to events and activities, although it may occasionally refer to people who are once again ready to do something. For example, a doctor might say that his patient needs to spend one more night in the hospital to monitor his condition. After that, then he’ll be all systems go.

all stations goThere are a few variation of this phrase that can be used.

For example,

  • All systems go.
  • All system are go.
  • All systems a go.
  • All stations go.

All of these variation formulations have the same meaning.

Examples of All Systems Go

Define all systems a goThis sample exchange between two coworkers illustrates the correct use of this idiom.

Yvette: Did you get the boss’s approval for the new project?

Petra: He approved it this morning, so all systems go.

More Examples

  • Then, it was all about getting back into shape — building up his shoulder and arm. Recently, he started throwing again. Next week, he’s going to be all systems go. – USA Today
  • Peter Lee, executive director of Covered California, said the state’s new healthcare insurance market is set for “all systems go Oct. 1.” – LA Times


The English idiom all systems go means that all preliminary requirements of an activity or event have been met, so the activity or event can now begin.