What is the Abbreviation for Township?

How do you abbreviate township? The word township has two primary abbreviations.

The two most common abbreviations for township are,

  • Twp.
  • Twsp.

The more common of these two abbreviations is certainly twp.

When to Use This Abbreviation

Abbreviations of the word township are mostly used in real estate offices and government communications concerning different governing bodies. In most other circumstances, especially academic and formal writing, the word should be fully written out.

What Does Township Mean?

twp abbreviation twspDefinition of township: The word township is a noun that refers to a geographical area with its own local government; different from a city, municipality, or village.

For example,

  • Out in the township, there are no noise ordinances.
  • Townships are generally more rural than their city counterparts.

Outside Examples of Township

  • abbreviation of township abbreviationA closed meeting between township officials and the current and possibly future owners of the mall must take before Sept. 22, Waterford Township Supervisor Gary Wall said Friday. –The Detroit News
  • Firefighters at a firehouse in the Elkins Park section of Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania, were held hostage by a former volunteer firefighter on Tuesday morning. –Newsweek


There are few different ways to abbreviate the word township. The most common of which are,

  • Twp.
  • Twsp.