What is the Abbreviation for Nursing?

How do you abbreviate Nursing? There is one common way to abbreviate nursing.

It is,

  • Nsg.

For example,

  • Nsg. Home
  • School of Nsg.

It would be rare to find nursing or its abbreviation pluralized, but if there is a need, the plural abbreviation of nursing is nsgs.

When to Use This Abbreviation

This abbreviation is usually found in curriculum for nurses, in reference to medical recuperative facilities, or homes for the aged and infirm.

You might abbreviate the word nursing to nsg. in shorthand or on a departmental sign of a school for nurses. It is also common to see such abbreviations in headlines or newspaper titles where space is a concern.

Outside of shorthand, headlines, or newspaper titles, the word is not abbreviated in general prose.

What Does Nursing Mean?

abbreviation of nursing abbreviationDefinition of Nursing: Nursing is defined as the profession or practice of providing care for the sick and infirm.

For example,

  • Eugenia enrolled in the Borkett School of Nursing.
  • Geoff is still nursing his wounded feelings and won’t speak to any one of us.

The word Nursing functions as a noun and a verb, respectively in the sentence order above.

Outside Examples of Nursing

  • definition of nsgPurdue’s P.J. Thompson nursing ankle injury –Indianapolis Star
  • J. Health officials are warning nursing homes to stop using pre-filled saline products because of possible contamination with drug-resistant bacteria. –The Star Ledger

Summary: Nursing Abbreviation

There is one common abbreviation of nursing: nsg.