What is the Abbreviation for National?

How do you abbreviate national? The word national is abbreviated a few different ways. Depending on the context and who is using the abbreviation, national can be abbreviated in any of the following ways,

  • Nat’l.
  • Natl.
  • Ntl.
  • Nat.
  • NTL

The most recognizable abbreviations are “nat’l.” and “natl.”

When to Use This Abbreviation

This abbreviation is oftentimes used in newspapers headlines, titles, letterheads, etc., and other places where space might be a concern.

You might also see it on the sides of buildings as an abbreviation for the formal name of an organization.

In written prose, however, the word national is always spelled out.

What Does National Mean?

abbreviated words nationalDefinition of National: National can function as an adjective or a noun.

As an adjective, national is defined as of or relating to a nation; characteristic of a whole nation.

  • Liberty and freedom are national ideals in America.
  • It is in the national interest to stay healthy and fit.

As a noun, national is defined as a citizen of a particular country or a nationwide competition or tournament.

  • A French national came to American Embassy to discuss trade relations. (Sense 1)
  • He finished first in nationals last year. (Sense 2)

Outside Examples of National

abbreviation of national

  • The term has become the sad equivalent of the jolly drinking axiom: It’s always national-conversation time somewhere. –The New York Times
  • “Well, I think Gabby would be able to do the third place,” said Karolyi, who’s retiring as gymnastics’ national team coordinator. –Dallas Morning News

Summary: National Abbreviation

There are a few different ways to abbreviate the word national. The most common are most recognizable abbreviations of national are nat’l. and natl.