What is the Abbreviation for Mountain?

How do you abbreviate mountain? The word mountain really only has one primary abbreviation.

The most common abbreviation for mountain is,

  • Mtn.

Sometimes the word is also abbreviations as Mt., but this isn’t advisable since it could be confused with the abbreviation for mount.

  • Mt. Rainier = Mount Rainier.

When to Use This Abbreviation

It is very common, when writing the name of a specific mountain, to use an abbreviation. You would also be likely to see these abbreviations in newspaper headlines, etc. in order to save space.

As is typical of formal or academic writing, the full word is spelled out. You will rarely see “The Himalayan Mtn. Range” in a research paper or dissertation.

What Does Mountain Mean?

abbreviation of mountainDefinition of mountain: The word mountain is a noun and is defined as is a very large hill like piece of nature; a large pile of something in the shape of a mountain in nature.

For example,

  • In Tucson, Arizona, you can see a group of mountains in any directions you look.
  • There is a mountain of laundry that needs to be done.

Outside Examples of Mountain

  • definition of mtnThe European Central Bank published new proposals on Monday aimed at forcing eurozone banks to face up to a mountain of bad debt, a €900 billion ($1.01 trillion) problem that policy makers worry is curbing new lending and hindering the region’s economic recovery. –The Wall Street Journal
  • The first time the mountain lion pawed its way through the Idaho campsite Friday, the cat went unnoticed by everyone except for one woman. –The Washington Post

Summary: Mountain Abbreviation

The abbreviation of mountain is mtn.