What is the Abbreviation for Months?

How do you abbreviate months? There is one common way to abbreviate months.

It is,

  • mos.

For example,

  • 3 mos.

The singular abbreviation of months is mo.

When to Use This Abbreviation

This is a very common abbreviation that is used in shorthand writing, note taking, meeting minutes, etc. It is also common to see it in headlines or newspaper titles where space is a concern.

Outside of these kinds of situations, months would be spelled out in general prose.

What Does Months Mean?

definition of mosDefinition of Months: Months is defined as each of the twelve named periods into which a year is divide.

For example,

  • The first year runs from the months of April 1 through May 30th

The word months functions as a noun in the sentence.

Outside Examples of Months

  • abbreviation of months abbreviationAll polls are completely fictional: Of course, all the polls are all wrong because polling is completely made up, and the conspiracy runs so deep that even Breitbart has been on it. –USA Today
  • Since Britain’s vote in June to quit the European Union its government has promise to repeatedly to make a success of withdrawal, known as Brexit. More than two months later, however, it still cannot say how. –New York Times

Summary: Months Abbreviation

There is one common abbreviation of months: mos. The singular abbreviation is mo.