What is the Abbreviation for Miscellaneous?

How do you abbreviate miscellaneous? The word miscellaneous is most commonly abbreviated as misc.

For example,

  • Misc. Documents
  • Misc. Expenses
  • Misc. Deduction

When to Use Misc.

This abbreviation is usually used headlines, titles, letterhead, and other areas where space might be a concern. It is oftentimes used in various IRS tax documents to refer to a specific kind of expense or deduction.

In general prose, however, you will spell out the word miscellaneous.

What Does Miscellaneous Mean?

misc miscellaneous miscDefinition of Miscellaneous: Miscellaneous is an adjective and is defined as of various types or from different sources.

For examples,

  • The office was a mess, with miscellaneous strewn all over the desk and shelves.
  • I have a collection of miscellaneous action figures.

Outside Examples of Miscellaneous

  • misc miscellaneous abbreviationThe collage of junk has a certain genius to it — more art than science. Elk antlers are tangled up with old gas pumps, dried moose brains, old albums, and miscellaneous tools. –USA Today
  • The flowers, the blowsy petunias and jimson weed, were superseded by New York cityscapes and then by cow skulls and miscellaneous animal bones, surreally aloft over the clean blue skies and dry striated hills of New Mexico. –The Guardian


The abbreviation of miscellaneous is misc.