What is the Abbreviation for Meeting?

How do you abbreviate meeting? There is one common way to abbreviate meeting.

It is,

  • Mtg.

For example,

  • Monthly Mtg.

The plural abbreviation of meeting is mtgs.

When to Use This Abbreviation

This is a common abbreviation that might be found in corporate memos and minutes of executive meetings.

You might abbreviate the word meeting to mtg. on a posted announcement in any number of organizations or in short hand or note taking.

Generally speaking, abbreviations such as mtg. will not appear in prose or similarly written texts. They are reserved for headlines, shorthand notes, or other areas where space is a concern.

What Does Meeting Mean?

definition of mtgDefinition of Meeting: Meeting is defined as an assembly of people, especially the members of a society or committee, for discussion or entertainment; a coming together of two or more people, by chance or arrangement.

For example,

  • The vote for president of the PTA will take place at the next monthly meeting.
  • Jack was smitten with her on their first meeting!

The word meeting functions as a noun in the above sentences.

Outside Examples of Meeting

  • Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump “choked” during a meeting with the Mexican president when he failed to bring up his own plan to build a border wall and make Mexico pay for it. –The Denver Post


There is one common abbreviation of meeting: mtg. If you want to make it plural, simply add on an “s.”