What is the Abbreviation for Marketing?

How do you abbreviate marketing? The word marketing has one commonly used abbreviation.

It is,

  • Mktg.

The word marketing is most often used in the business field and the abbreviations for the word are appropriate in reference to business matters, such as presentations, internal company communication, emails, etc.

In any formal writing, the full word should be written out, even in writing on the subject of marketing or business.

What Does Marketing Mean?

definition of mktgDefinition of Marketing: The word marketing refers to the selling of a product based on research of consumer wants or needs.

For example,

  • Aryanna’s mother works in the marketing department at Macy’s.
  • Coca Cola is marketing a new flavored soda.

Marketing is used a sentence as a noun and a verb, respectively, in the above examples.

Outside Examples of Marketing

  • abbreviation of marketing abbreviationThe career-defining shots of (Elizabeth) Hurley, upstaging then-boyfriend Hugh Grant with her look-at-me décolletage, demonstrated the marketing potential of the red carpet. –New York Post
  • This new reality is why tactics such as B2B inbound marketing are now mainstream for B2B marketers and one of five techniques to focus on in 2016. –Forbes

Summary: Marketing Abbreviation

There is on common way to abbreviate the word marketing. It is mktg.