What is the Abbreviation for Linear Feet?

How do you abbreviate linear feet? The words linear feet have two common abbreviations.

It is,

  • LF.
  • LFT.

For example,

  • 100 LF.
  • 150 LFT.

When to Use This Abbreviation

Generally speaking, abbreviations such as LFT. will not appear in prose or similarly written texts. They are reserved for occupations such as carpentry, mathematics, science, education, and where space is of concern.

What Does Linear Feet Mean?

definition of lftDefinition of Linear Feet: Linear feet is defined as one foot in length or 12 inches. You may also hear it called a lineal foot.

The term linear refers to a straight line, so when you measure for linear footage, you’re talking about the “straight line of measurement.”

For example,

  • The 5.7-acre property has 400 linear feet of ocean frontage.
  • If planted in drills, they should be made twenty inches apart, and two plants allowed to a linear foot.

The words linear feet function as a noun in the sentence.

Outside Examples of Linear Feet

  • abbreviation of linear feet abbreviationLinear feet just means any distance or length measured in feet. The term in home repair is usually applied to products that are installed without regard to other dimensions, such as width or thickness. –The Natural Handyman

Summary: Linear Feet

There are two common abbreviations of linear feet: LF. and LFT. Since feet is already pluralized, there is no plural for this abbreviation.