What is the Abbreviation for Library?

How do you abbreviate library? There is one common way to abbreviate library.

It is,

  • Lib.

For example,

  • Shapiro Undergraduate Lib.

The plural abbreviation of library is lib’s.

When to Use This Abbreviation

It is common to see the abbreviation in a number of places: in bibliographies, in reference to a room dedicated to books, on the inside markings of a library book, or in shorthand note taking.

Though seldom abbreviated in general prose, you might abbreviate the word library to lib. in shorthand or on an architectural drawing where such a room is included in construction.

It is also common to see such abbreviations in headlines or newspaper titles where space is a concern.

What Does Library Mean?

definition of libDefinition of Library: Library is defined as a building or room containing collections of books, periodicals, and sometimes films and recorded music for people to read, borrow, or refer to; a collection of books and periodicals held in a library; a collection of films, recorded music, genetic material, etc., organized systematically and kept for research or borrowing.

For example,

  • I am only halfway through my book, but it is already overdue at the library.
  • The recording studio has an audio library going back to the 1950’s.

The word library functions as a noun in the above sentences.

Outside Examples of Library

  • abbreviation of library abbreviation“Some of my earliest memories were of going to the public library and to the book mobile and bringing books home,” says Nguyen, who won the 2015 Pulitzer Prize in literature for his debut novel, “The Sympathizer”, and who will take part in a Register Book Club program on Tuesday. –The Orange County Register
  • The Barack Obama Presidential Center in Chicago could require a $1.5 billion endowment its architects say, three times what was raised for the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas. –New York Post

Summary: Library Abbreviation

There is one common abbreviation of library: lib. If you want to make it plural, add an apostrophe before the “s” to avoid confusion.