What is the Abbreviation for Initial?

How do you abbreviate initial? The word initial has two common abbreviations to replace the word.

The most common abbreviations for initial are,

  • Int.
  • Init.

Of the two, Int. is the more common abbreviation.

When to Use This Abbreviation

These abbreviations aren’t usually found in written prose. You may see them on a form you fill out asking for the initials of your name. Mostly you will see this when there is a lack of space to write out the entire word or in shorter pieces of writing such as memos.

In academic or professional writing, the word must be spelled out completely.

What Does Initial Mean?

abbreviation of initial abbreviationDefinition of initial: The word initial is used as a noun or an adjective.

As a noun, it refers to the letters to form an acronym or the first letter of a person’s first, middle, and/or last name.

  • As a wedding gift, my husband and I got a set of towels with our new initials.
  • I know your first name, but what is your middle initial.

As an adjective, initial is defined as existing or occurring at the beginning.

  • My initial impression of you was not favorable.

Outside Examples of Initials

  • int abbreviationThe Duchess emblazoned her initials, as well as the WE cypher that symbolized the Windsors’ first names, on everything from bookplates to the toes of her Roger Vivier shoes. –New York Times

Summary: Initial Abbreviation

There are two primary ways to abbreviate the word initial. The most common of which are,

  • Int.
  • Init.