What is the Abbreviation for Existing?

How do you abbreviate Existing? There are two common ways to abbreviate existing, one of which is an acronym.

They are,

  • Extg.
  • EXG

For example,

  • Extg. rule
  • EXG wall

There is no plural of the word existing, therefore none for the abbreviation.

When to Use This Abbreviation

abbreviation of existing abbreviationYou might abbreviate the word existing to extg. or EXG. on a construction blueprint, in architecture, technology, engineering or in shorthand note taking. It is also common to see such abbreviations in headlines or newspaper titles where space is a concern.

Outside of shorthand or headlines, the word is not abbreviated in general prose.

What Does Existing Mean?

definition of extgDefinition of Existing: Existing is defined as in existence or operation at the time under consideration; current.

For example,

  • Shera is existing on pizza and soda!
  • We have to demolish the existing wall in order to expand.

The word existing functions as an adjective in the sentences above.

Outside Examples of Existing

  • Deploying additional troops to the region would be a major boost to the existing presence in Kuwait, officials said. –New York Post
  • Not only was the list one country shorter — Iraq was dropped — but all 60,000 existing holders of U.S. visas were protected, as were permanent U.S. residents. –Los Angeles Times

Summary: Existing Abbreviation

There are two common abbreviations for existing: extg. and EXG.