What is the Abbreviation for Director?

How do you abbreviate director? The word director has only one abbreviation that is commonly used. It is usually a precursor to the name of a department or organization that someone directs.

The most common abbreviation for director is,

  • Dir.

When to Use This Abbreviation

The abbreviation Dir. usually appears in reference to a movie director or before the name of an executive in an organization or group.

  • Dir. Steven Spielberg
  • Dir. of Media Relations

You will also see this when there is a lack of space to write out the entire word such as newspaper or television headlines or in shorten pieces of writing such as memos.

You should spell out the full word in academic or professional writing.

What Does Director Mean?

dir abbreviate Definition of director: The word director is a noun and refers to a person in charge; a supervisor to actors and crews in movies; board members in businesses.

  • Quentin Terentino has become one of the most respected movie directors of our time.
  • The Director of Admissions is always busy during the first few weeks of school.

Outside Examples of Director

  • abbreviation of director abbreviationDavid Ignatius’s fast, sometimes frantic new thriller, “The Director,” is about a mole in the C.I.A., a ghost in the national security machine, a worm in the system. Though it has a slapdash ending and often hollow characters.” –The New York Times
  • Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone will talk about his new film, “Snowden,” at the Harvard Kennedy School. –Washington Post


There is only one widely used abbreviation of director. It is Dir.