What is the Abbreviation for Degrees?

How do you abbreviate degrees? There is one common way to abbreviate degrees. Also commonly used is the symbol, illustrated below.

They are,

  • Deg.
  • Symbol:

For example,

  • 39 deg.
  • 39°

Degrees is the plural of degree and acts as a noun in the sentence.

When to Use This Abbreviation

This abbreviation can be commonly found in weather forecasting as a measurement of climate temperature. It is also common to see in geometry and in higher education.

You might abbreviate the word degrees to deg. in shorthand note taking for your geometry class. You might also see it on a weather related news banner. It is common to see such abbreviations in headlines or newspaper titles or wherever space is of concern.

Outside of professional titles or headlines, the word is not abbreviated in general prose.

What Does Degrees Mean?

definition of degDefinition of Degrees: Degrees is defined as the amount, level, or extent to which something happens or is present; a unit of measurement of angles, one three hundred and sixtieth of the circumference of a circle.

For example,

  • The camera was mounted and set at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • When dealing with Julie, it is imperative that we practice several degrees of caution to avoid being hurt.
  • Byron now holds three degrees in Early Childhood Education.

The word degrees functions as a noun in the above sentences.

Outside Examples of Degrees

  • abbreviation of degrees abbreviationA sharp temperature reversal fueled by strong southwest winds will send the mercury soaring into the upper 50s to near 70 degrees Friday and Saturday, providing a comfortable environment for the fans attending World Series games 3 and 4. –Chicago Tribune
  • In a classic battle of old school vs. new, Mica – known for bringing federal transportation dollars back home – faces Democrat Stephanie Murphy, a political newcomer at 38. Her backstory includes her family’s harrowing escape from Vietnam as an infant, degrees from William and Mary College and Georgetown University, positions in the Pentagon and the worlds of finance and academia. –Newsday


There is one common abbreviation of degrees: deg. There is also one commonly used symbol: °.