What is the Abbreviation for Country? Common English Abbreviations

How do you abbreviate country? The word country has a few common abbreviations.

The most common abbreviations for country are,

  • ctry.
  • co
  • Co.

The abbreviation ctry. is most advisable to use since it won’t be confused with county or company.

When to Use This Abbreviation

Country is not a word that you often find abbreviated; you will probably only see it abbreviated in a situation where limited space is a factor. In any academic or formal piece of writing, the word should be fully written out.

What Does Country Mean?

abbreviation for country abbreviationDefinition of country: The word, country is a noun refers a large area of land that

has a society and a government.  

For example,

  • Many Americans think the United States is the greatest country in the world.
  • There are countries in Europe that have stricter gun laws than the United States and they have lower rates of violent crime.

Outside Examples of Country

  • ctry abbreviation co“She encouraged him to pursue his dream, which culminated in him being named head cross country coach at Trinity in mid-June, after a stint as assistant track coach last spring.”- Chicago Tribune
  • “Admission into the EU would boost Georgia’s economy, and NATO membership would leave the country far more secure.” – Newsweek


There are few different ways to abbreviate the word country. The most common of which are,

  • ctry.
  • co
  • Co.