What is the Abbreviation for Computer?

How do you abbreviate computer? There are two common ways to abbreviate computer.

It is,

  • Comp.
  • CMP

For example,

  • Comp. technology
  • New CMP

When to Use This Abbreviation

These abbreviations are commonly found in everyday life, in homes and offices, in all corporate offices, in the technology field, etc.

You would likely abbreviate the word computer to comp. in note taking or writing a checklist of work orders.

A boss might write a to-do list for an employee that saying install updated software on comp.

What Does Computer Mean?

definition of compDefinition of Computer: Computer is defined as an electronic device for storing and processing data.

For example,

  • All of my photos are stored on my computer.
  • Computers are progressing faster and faster every year.

The word computer functions as a noun in the above sentences.

Outside Examples of Computer

  • abbreviation of computer abbreviationThe project was delayed by insufficient demand for Intel’s high-powered computer chips, but the company now expects to finish the factory within four years because it anticipates business growth. –The Boston Herald
  • Senate Democrats’ computer network, including their email system, remained inaccessible Monday, three days after the attack was discovered early Friday by information technology staff who received an alert that the network had been breached. –Chicago Tribune

Summary: Computer Abbreviation

There are a two primary abbreviations of computer: comp. and CMP.