What is the Abbreviation for Commonwealth?

How do you abbreviate commonwealth? There is one common way to abbreviate commonwealth.

It is,

  • cmlth.

For example,

  • Cmlth of Mass.

The plural abbreviation of commonwealth is cmlths.

When to Use This Abbreviation

This abbreviation applies to four of the United States. Internationally, the word is in reference to any of the former colonies of the U.K. You might abbreviate the word commonwealth to cmlth. in shorthand notes or in headlines or newspaper titles where space is of concern.

Outside of shorthand and headlines, the word is not abbreviated in general prose.

What Does Commonwealth Mean?

definition of cmlthDefinition of Commonwealth: Commonwealth is defined as an independent country or community, especially a democratic republic; an international association consisting of the UK together with states that were previously part of the British Empire, and dependencies, symbolically headed by the British monarch.

For example,

  • Commonwealth is a designation used by four of the 50 United States in their full official state names: Kentucky, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.
  • The British Commonwealth extends to former colonies of the U.K.

The word Commonwealth functions as a proper noun in the above sentences but is only so when a part of a state or country’s title. Otherwise, it is a common noun.

Outside Examples of Commonwealth

  • abbreviation of commonwealth abbreviationHotel Commonwealth, a fly ball away from Fenway Park, has been named the Official Hotel of the Boston Red Sox. –The Boston Herald
  • Gambia will soon return to the Commonwealth under its new government, Britain’s foreign secretary said Tuesday after meeting with President Adama Barrow and pledging London’s support for this small West African nation following the departure of its leader of 22 years. –The New York Times


There is one common abbreviation of the proper noun Commonwealth: Cmlth. If you want to make it plural, simply add on an “s.”