What is the Abbreviation for Command?

How do you abbreviate command? There are two common ways to abbreviate command.

They are,

  • Comd.
  • Cmd.

For example,

  • Northern Comd.
  • Cmd. prompt

When to Use This Abbreviation

This abbreviation is usually found in the military or in civilian policing, for example. This word might be abbreviated on a governmental memo between various departments.

In ordinary, everyday prose, this word would not be abbreviated.

What Does Command Mean?

definition of comdDefinition of Command: Command is defined as to give an authoritative order; be in a strong enough position to have or secure (something); an authoritative order.

For example,

  • I command you to complete the project.
  • Captain Crooke gave the command but the crew committed mutiny by defying his order.

The word command functions as a verb and a noun, respectively, in the above sentences.

Outside Examples of Command

  • abbreviation of command abbreviationAs they have done the last two seasons, the Rockies held Bettis out of spring games early so he could focus on mechanics. He’s working on fastball command, in particular down-and-away to right-handed hitters. –The Denver Post
  • German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said Monday that the EU foreign ministers “founded, or put in motion, today a European command center for foreign missions.” –Minneapolis Star Tribune

Summary: Command Abbreviation

There are two common abbreviations of command: comd. and cmd.