What is the Abbreviation for Chinese?

How do you abbreviate Chinese? There word Chinese is not commonly abbreviated, which means there isn’t a universally accepted abbreviation for it.

One of the more common ones is,

  • CHI

For example,

  • CHI language
  • CHI culture

When to Use This Abbreviation

While this abbreviation is uncommon, it might be found on census forms or in addressing correspondence. If you work in a business that does a lot of international trade, you might find it on shipping labels.

You might abbreviate the word Chinese to CHI in language code terminology, on a business card address, or in shorthand note taking.

Outside of international postage or shipping, it is rare to see the word abbreviated, and it is not abbreviated in general prose.

What Does Chinese Mean?

definition of ChiDefinition of Chinese: Chinese is defined as relating to China or its language, culture, or people; the Chinese language; a native or inhabitant of China, or a person of Chinese descent.

For example,

  • The Chinese restaurant is on 22nd St., just across from Starbucks.
  • Mai Lin speaks Chinese.

The word Chinese functions as an adjective and a noun, respectively, in the above sentences.

Outside Examples of Chinese

  • abbreviation of chinese abbreviationThe Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army is led by ethnic Chinese Peng Jiasheng, who once was chief of the officially sanctioned Kokang administrative zone but was ousted from power in 2009. –New York Times


This word is rarely abbreviated, but when it is, CHI is the most common abbreviation.