What is the Abbreviation for Between?

How do you abbreviate between? There is one common way to abbreviate between.

It is,

  • btw.

For example,

  • Read btw. the lines

There is no plural abbreviation of between.

When to Use This Abbreviation

This abbreviation is used in note taking. You might see between abbreviated to btw. in headlines or newspaper columns, anywhere that space is a concern.

Outside of shorthand notes, newspaper columns, or headlines, the word is not abbreviated in general prose.

What Does Between Mean?

definition of btwDefinition of Between: Between is defined as in the space that separates (two things or people); in the time that separates (two actions, events, etc.); in shares to each of (two or more people)

For example,

  • Often heard, “just between us”, is also often repeated to others in spite of the clear inference to confidentiality.
  • Elliott quickly moved between Gloria and Angelica to separate them before the heated exchange became physically violent.

The word between functions as a preposition in the sentence.

Outside Examples of Between

  • abbreviation of between abbreviationPutin’s decree released by the Kremlin cited Washington’s “unfriendly actions” and the United States’ inability to fulfill its obligations under the 2000 deal as reasons for the move. –Newsday
  • An election that hovers somewhere between zany and totally insane –Chicago Tribune

Summary: Between Abbreviation

The is only one common way to abbreviate between: btw.