What is the Abbreviation for Assorted?

How do you abbreviate assorted? There is one common way to abbreviate assorted.

It is,

  • Asstd.

For example,

  • Asstd. Chocolates

Neither the word nor the abbreviation can be pluralized.

When to Use This Abbreviation

This abbreviation can be found when referring to the choice of colors, shapes, flavors, etc.

You might abbreviate the word assorted to asstd. in shorthand note taking or on a retail sign. It is also common to see such abbreviations in headlines or newspaper titles where space is of concern.

Outside of shorthand, headlines, or newspaper titles, the word is not abbreviated in general prose.

What Does Assorted Mean?

definition of asstdDefinition of Assorted: Assorted is defined as of various sorts put together; miscellaneous.

For example,

  • Her supervisor gave her assorted, unpleasant tasks.
  • Amber’s new line of clothing includes leggings in assorted patterns and colors.

The word assorted functions as an adjective in the above sentences.

Outside Examples of Assorted

  • abbreviation of assorted abbreviationThe concept is an affordable steak dinner with quality meat and quick service. Guests order drinks and sides like a mixed salad and a savory beef broth soup first, then line up at a counter to put in steak orders — a choice of ribeye, sirloin, filet or assorted steak. –New York Daily News
  • In orders released Friday, Judge Bert Richardson also directed prosecutors to give the defense assorted evidence and documents as part of the legal discovery process. –The Dallas Morning News

Summary: Assorted Abbreviation

There is one common abbreviation of assorted: asstd. Neither the word nor the abbreviation can be pluralized.