What is the Abbreviation for Association?

How do you abbreviate association? The word association is commonly abbreviated two different ways. They are assoc. and assn.

For example,

  • Assoc. of Musical Merchants
  • Assn. of Commercial Realtors

Either option is correct and acceptable. The below graph, which only measures English books, shows assoc. to be the more popular choice.

how to abbreviate association

When to Use This Abbreviation

abbreviate words associationThis abbreviation is commonly used to abbreviate organizational names, similar to the two examples above. It is common to see these abbreviations in newspaper titles, headlines, business cards, and other places where space is a concern.

In most written prose, you will spell out the word association.

What Does Association Mean?

abbreviated associationDefinition of Association: Association is a noun and is defined as a group of people organized for a joint purpose.

For example,

  • Our association works with underprivileged youths and teaches them to read.
  • The National Association of Broadcasters is headquartered in Washington, DC.

Outside Examples of Association

The newly formed Professional Fighters Association made a strong first impression on the MMA world on Thursday, publishing a release that counted the support of Players Association Directors from the NFL, MLB and NHL. –Forbes

Baker is planning to join a Friday afternoon press conference about efforts by members of the association to combat the nation’s growing opioid addiction problem. –Houston Chronicle

Summary: Association Abbreviation

There are two common ways to abbreviate association. They are assoc. and assn.

Either spelling is correct, but assoc. is probably more common.