What is the Abbreviation for Assistant?

How do you abbreviate assistant? The most common way to abbreviate assistant is asst.

For example,

  • Asst. Director
  • Asst. Editor
  • Asst. Supervisor
  • Personal Asst.
  • Assts. to the Board

The plural abbreviation of assistant is assts.

This abbreviation is oftentimes used in office-wide settings. For instance, you might print “Asst. Director” on a business card or an office nametag instead of spelling out the entire word.

Outside of professional titles, you would generally spell out the full word.

What does Assistant Mean?

asst abbreviationDefinition of Assistant: Assistant is defined as a person who ranks below a senior person; a person who helps in particular work.

For example,

  • Please schedule all appointments with my assistant.
  • The senior partner and his assistant will be meeting us for lunch.

Assistant functions in the sentence as a noun.

Outside Examples of Assistants

  • Asst Assistant abbreviationAn essential assistant on Darnell’s team is supercomputer IBM Watson, which helps by comparing the genetic differences between healthy cells and tumor cells in patients, as well as fetching the newest treatment ideas from medical journals. –NPR
  •  Montana women’s basketball assistant Shannon Schweyen has been named the head coach of the Lady Griz basketball team that she played on and has helped coach for the past 24 seasons. –USA Today

Summary: Assistant Abbreviation

The abbreviation of assistant is asst. If you want to make the abbreviation plural, you simply add an “s” to make it assts.