What is the Abbreviation for Assistance?

How do you abbreviate assistance? There are a few common ways to abbreviate assistance.

It is,

  • A
  • Assist.

For example,

  • Phys. A
  • Legal Asstc.
  • Financial Assist.

Note: Sometimes, assistance and assistant are confused with the latter abbreviation: asst. 

When to Use This Abbreviation

This abbreviation is rarely used, and on the rare occasion when it is use, it is found in medical settings, in medical notes, on patient charts, or on reports.

You might abbreviate the word assistance to A on a patient hospital record or in medical shorthand note taking. You would rarely see this abbreviation outside of medical jargon.

What Does Assistance Mean?

definition of asstcDefinition of assistance: Assistance is defined as the action of helping someone with a job or task; the provision of money, resources, or information to help someone.

For example,

  • May I have your assistance with this crate?
  • When Dad lost his job, we had to apply for assistance from the state.

The word assistance functions as a noun in the above sentences.

Outside Examples of Assistance

  • abbreviation of assistance abbreviationIn Chicago, travelers have been signing up for an assistance program started by the local Council on American-Islamic Relations office to ensure swift legal help if they’re detained. –Chicago Sun-Times
  • Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly pledged his department’s assistance Wednesday to Jewish community centers throughout the nation that have been besieged by a rash of bomb threats and other anti-Semitic intimidation tactics. –USA Today

Summary: Assistance Abbreviation

There are a few common abbreviations of assistance. They are A, asstc., and asst.