What is the Abbreviation for Appointment? Common English Abbreviations

How do you abbreviate appointment? The word appointment is most commonly abbreviated as appt.

For example,

  • New Judicial Appt. to Supreme Court
  • Doctor’s Appt.
  • Weekly Massage Appts.
  • By Appt. Only

Usually such abbreviations are only used in newspaper headlines or other areas where space is a concern, perhaps stationery, invitations, business cards, etc.

You will not use the abbreviation appt. in general prose.

What Does Appointment Mean?

abreviation for appointment abreviation Definition of Appointment: Appointment is a noun defined as the office to which one has been appointed and an arrangement to meet someone or do something at a particular time and place.

For example,

  • The president made a new cabinet position appointment. (Sense 1)
  • I missed more dental appointment today. I need to reschedule. (Sense 2)

Outside Examples of Appointment

  • appt appointment apptAs part of his appointment, Mr. Goldner will receive Gap stock with an initial aggregate value of about $140,000, according to a regulatory filing. –The Wall Street Journal
  • City officials say the changes are not cuts, but a return to what was the program’s original intent. When it launched as a pilot in October 2014, Transport DC was to provide rides related to medical appointments. –The Washington Post

If you want to abbreviate appointment, use the spelling appt. The plural abbreviation is appts.