What is the Abbreviation for Applicable?

How do you abbreviate applicable? There is one common way to abbreviate applicable.

It is,

  • Appl.

For example,

  • Appl. law
  • Appl. deduction

When to Use This Abbreviation

This abbreviation is usually found in relation to law, legal arguments, mathematic problems, or engineering and architectural blueprints.

You might abbreviate the word applicable to appl. on various schematics or in shorthand note taking.

Outside of specific instances such as these, the word is not abbreviated in general prose.

What Does Applicable Mean?

definition of applDefinition of applicable: Applicable is defined as relevant or appropriate.

For example,

  • The new laws are not applicable to our bankruptcy, which was filed previous to their passage.
  • The insurance agency will pay in full, after the applicable deductible.

The word applicable functions as an adjective in the above sentences.

Outside Examples of Applicable

  • abbreviation of applicable abbreviationThe president’s order says it’s his policy to “ensure that jurisdictions that fail to comply with applicable federal law do not receive federal funds, except as mandated by law.” –Los Angeles Times
  • The Trump transition team says Price, chairman of the House Budget Committee, has complied fully with all applicable laws and ethics rules. –New York Post

Summary: Applicable Abbreviation

There is one common abbreviation of applicable: appl.