What is the Abbreviation for Acknowledgment?

How do you abbreviate acknowledgment? There is one common way to abbreviate acknowledgment.

It is,

  • Ack.

For example,

  • Customer Ack.

The plural abbreviation of acknowledgment is acks.

When to Use This Abbreviation

This abbreviation is usually found in vendor references and responses to customer purchases. You might abbreviate the word acknowledgment to ack. in email correspondence within a company, but, for the most part, the abbreviated form of acknowledgment would be used where there is a lack of space, such as on a television headline banner, newspaper heading, etc.

In most writing, it is appropriate to spell out the word.

What Does Acknowledgment Mean?

definition of ackDefinition of Acknowledgment: Acknowledgment is defined as acceptance of the truth or existence of something; the action of expressing or displaying gratitude or appreciation for something.

For example,

  • Did the customer receive the acknowledgment for their larger order?
  • Acknowledgment that there was some activity in the area was made, but no specifics were given.

The word acknowledgment functions as a noun in the sentence. Note that the word can be spelled correctly as acknowledgment or acknowledgement; however, the former is the accepted version for the U.S. and Canada, the latter UK, Europe, etc.

Outside Examples of Acknowledgment

  • abbreviation of acknowledgment abbreviationU.K. Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said Thursday that Britain’s military is launching cyberattacks against the Islamic State group in support of the offensive on the Iraqi city of Mosul, a first-of-its-kind acknowledgement that British forces are launching attacks across the continent. –The New York Times
  • Trump reaffirmed his commitment Monday to repealing the Affordable Care Act following the Obama administration acknowledgement that premiums will go up sharply next year. –USA Today


There is only one common abbreviation of acknowledgment: ack. If you want to make the abbreviation plural, simply add on an “s.”