AP Style Legislative Bodies

In general, capitalize the proper name of a specific legislative body abroad. For example,

  • the Knesset
  • the Diet

The most frequent names in use are “Congress,” “National Assembly,” and “Parliament.”

Generic Uses

Lowercase “parliament” or a similar term only when used generically to describe a body for which the formal name is being given. For example,

  • the Diet, Japan’s parliament


Lowercase “parliament” or similar terms in plural constructions. For example,

  • the parliaments of England and France
  • the English and French parliaments

Individual Houses

The principle applies also to individual houses of the nation’s legislature, just as “Senate” and “House” are capitalized in the United States. For example,

  • ROME (AP) – New Leaders have taken control in the Camber of Deputies.

Lowercase “assembly” when used as a shortened reference to national assembly.

In many countries, “national assembly” is the name of a unicameral legislative body. In some, such as France, it is the name for the lower house of a legislative body known by some other name such as “parliament.”


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