AP Style Island

AP Style rules hold that you should capitalize “island” or “islands” as part of a proper name. For example,

  • the Hawaiian Islands
  • the Falkland Islands

Lowercase “island” and “islands” when they stand alone or when the reference is to the islands in a given area. For example,

  • the Pacific islands.

Lowercase all “island of” constructions. For example,

  • the island of Nantucket

U.S. Datelines

For communication on islands within the boundaries of the United States, use the community name and the state name. For example,

  • EDGARTOWN, Mass. (AP) —

Honolulu stands alone, however.

Datelines Abroad

If an island has an identity of its own (Bermuda, Prince Edward Island, Puerto Rico, Sardinia, Taiwan, etc.), use the community name and the island name. Foe example,

  • HAMILTON, Bermuda (AP) —

Havana, Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore stand alone, however.

If the island is part of a chain, use the community name and the name of the chain. For example,

  • MANILA, Philippines (AP)—

Identify the name of the island in the text if relevant. For example,

  • Manila is on the island of Luzon.

For more information, please also see AP Style Datelines.


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