AP Style Congress, Congressional

Is Congress Capitalized?

Capitalize “U.S. Congress” and “Congress” when referring to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Although “Congress” sometimes is used as a substitute for the House, it properly is reserved for reference to both the Senate and House.

Capitalize “Congress” also if referring to a foreign body that uses the term, or its equivalent in a foreign language, as part of its formal name. For example,

  • the Argentine Congress
  • the Congress

Lowercase when used as a synonym for “convention” or in second reference to an organization that uses the word as part of its formal name. For example,

  • the Congress of Racial Equality
  • the congress.

Is Congressional Capitalized?

AP Style rules hold that you should lowercase “congressional” unless part of a proper name. For example,

  • the Congressional Quarterly
  • the Congressional Record


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